Thigh Gap Leg Workouts: Attacking The Inner Thigh Exercises

Thigh Gap Exercises are the new Oblique Twists...

Fitness has trends just as Fashion, Food, and Facebook....  The old trend: chizzled, tiny waists with bigger tops & bottoms (well, for us ladies that is...).  Now- it's all about the thigh gap...  How is one expected to keep up?!  And it is not like when one comes in, the other trend vanishes... No, no, no...

It is a compilation list!

One must do leg workouts, oblique crunches, Russian twist workouts, lower ab exercises, AND thigh gap exercises....


I mean the closest I can currently get to thigh gap is when I stand with my feet 2 feet apart... ; )

At this point (when you feel your workout list becoming exceedingly more like one's grocery list) take a look back at your body and focus on what you DO love!  Notice the nooks and crannies of your body and how far you have come... All too often we focus on... our "wobbly bits" if you will... and not the parts of us that make us- well, US!

Start taking time before or after each workout to focus on an aspect of your body that you appreciate!  Not all are as lucky as you to have some naturally well functioning/looking body part or feature!

  Now this is not to say, "Don't keep up with new challenges!"  It is mind blowing what your body can do when you put it to the test!  However, many trends are for those who have natural "X".  For instance, Thigh Gap is most possible for women with wide hips.  By getting fit and achieving toned legs your thighs will be muscle and therefore (with wide hips...) not touch the other once your body fat percentage has decreased.

Lookin' for some good DailyHiit Leg Workouts, Thigh Gap Exercises, & Best Ab Exercises...?

Yesterday was my leg day.. and my bum was handed to me!  You know you've had a great & productive workout sesh when you are hobbling around the next day...  Lisa has some great videos & pics for your legs, bum, and abs!  Hit all the target areas you are interested in: Legs & Inner Thigh Exercise Moves Best Ab Exercises Bum Workout Keep in mind your goals, your progress, and what is realistic (AND HEALTHY) for you and your body type!   Cheers&Love, London

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