Where The Hell Does Fat Go After You Burn It?

50% of doctors and nutritionists have gone by the idea that when fat is burned, it turns into energy and is released out of the body as heat. Well, guess again. Fat actually is released by using breathing it out! Q-SF5dlg-e11bT_h4EVjMfmzhAV5KjI52iChsB2Nink A recent study confirmed that we exhale fat as carbon dioxide once it has been burned. A smaller portion of burned fat exists our body as urine, sweat and tears. However, the predominant amount of fat is exhaled - 80% to be exact. So your lungs are actually playing a pretty key role in fat loss. Pretty cool, right? This video explains in depth the scientific principles behind fat loss. [embed]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8ialLlcdcw#action=share[/embed] As we dive deeper into the scientific facts, we learn our bodies have a type of fat in the blood called triglyceride. This fat made up of three kinds of atoms - carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Burning fat requires unlocking the atoms in triglyceride molecules by a process known as oxidation. So if 10kg of fat gets oxidized by a good workout, 8.4kg of it is breathed out via your lungs. The remainder is either peed, sweated or cried out. Sadly, in order to lose weight, the amount of fat burned has to be 3 times more than the amount of fat consumed. Losing 10kg of fat would require you to exhale around 29kg of carbon dioxide. So don't think just taking a deep breathe will do the trick! To sum it up, exercise is still the secret to burning fat - no matter how the fat leaves your body. So get your cardio on! Let us know some of your favourite fat blasting workouts!

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