Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Sex?

This may seem illogical at first but new research out of Carnegie Mellon University suggests that the more sex you have, the less you may enjoy it. The study divided married couples who had sex at least once a month but no more than three times a week into two groups. One group was asked to keep their sexual habits the same while the other group was asked to double their frequency. After three months, the couples who increased their frequency reported feeling less desire than they had before the study. The reasoning here makes sense. Being told when to have sex and keeping track of your sexual adventures adds more pressure and removes fun says study coauthor George Loewensteinm, Ph.D. So maybe you aren't trying to hit a specific number but you've probably tried to ramp things up at some point. But here's the thing, sexual frequency has nothing to do with your pleasure or satisfaction. Men’s Health Sex Professor Debby Herbenick, Ph.D. explains that if you and your partner are having frequent sex because you both want to, you shouldn't stop. You have to find the frequency that works best for you. So what if it is less often than your friends? Herbenick says to avoid focusing on the quantity and pay attention to the quality. Sex is about connecting. “Be open to one another,” she says. “Treat your partner like a person rather than a porn star—unless that's what you two are into.” Take time together first. Share a bath. Light some candles. What good is frequent sex if you aren't enjoying it? Every relationship has a rhythm. Find whatever works for you. Have fun with it, cut yourself a break. h/t: Men's Health

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