Things You Should Know Before Sleeping Together

Asking someone personal and intimate questions can be intimidating and finding the appropriate time to bring them up can seem like a challenge. Sexual health is important to discuss with your partner and there are some key things you should know before sleeping together.

Has he ever had an STD and how recently has he been tested for things like HIV?

This shouldn’t be offensive if you care about each other’s safety.

Does he use condoms every time he has sex?

Find an appropriate method of birth control that you’re both comfortable with.

How would he feel about an unexpected pregnancy?

Discuss feelings and solutions before anything happens.

Is he sleeping with other people right now?

Determine what type of relationship you both want and make sure you’re on the same page.

Does he take any prescription medications?

Sharing these details can help make each other more comfortable with one another.

The serious questions you might have in the back of your mind are important to discuss for both your physical health and an emotionally healthy relationship. Try bringing them up casually over dinner or on a walk but don’t grill him all at once! Keep it lighthearted and avoid scaring or offending him.

Discussing these topics should help strengthen your relationship and put your mind at ease. What are your thoughts?

h/t: Glamour Smitten

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