This Artist Highlights Body Image Struggles Women Regularly Face (Even Though They Shouldn't Have To)

Women struggling with their body image is not breaking news, but exposing these issues in new, innovative ways to help the world understand them is certainly something to talk about. From calling out the fat shamers to starting body positive campaigns, there are people working endlessly to help women step out of the dark, be proud of who they are, and educate others on the body image struggles women are really facing, and why. One artist is taking it to the next level visually, and it's incredibly thought provoking. Artist Cecile Dormeau's illustrations seek to highlight the body image issues women struggle with to both help women come together and realize these anxieties are just normal issues many people have. "We hear and read everywhere that we should be proud of our bodies the way that they are, that all bodies are beautiful," Dormeau said. "But on the other hand, we are constantly bombarded with fitness and diet ads. 'Eat less cheese or your butt will sag'.'" body image illustration The images serve both to bring light and a little humor to these issues, as well as an understanding of them. "We girls have a tendency to easily find faults in our appearances, so if my followers can recognize themselves in my illustrations and laugh at them (and with them), I hope that it can help them de-dramatize the flaws that they see in themselves. Once assuming your flaws, you can finally stop caring about them and start to focus on what really matters to you," Dormeau explained. 1. Stomach folds body image illustration 2. Body hair body image illustration 3. Droopy breasts body image illustration 4. Being bigger than your boyfriend body image illustration 5. Self-control   body image illustration What do you think of these illustrations? Source: Bustle

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