This Artist Plays With Her Food to Create Spoons as a Canvas

"Don't play with your food" was a common command you undoubtedly heard growing up. But for one woman, this is exactly how she lets her creativity fly.

For Ioana Vanc, a Romanian architect, making art pieces using everyday objects is what inspires her. Most prominent is her love for food art. In fact, she frequently used food items in her illustrations, but wanted to push herself to another level by making food art even more intriguing, and fun!

So, rather than using a plate, all of her artworks are created using a spoon as a canvas. "I have so much fun making them, I hope you have as much fun enjoying them!" exclaims the artist. Below, take a look at the many pieces of work she has made and be in awe of her incredible talent, and perhaps, get inspired to try something outside of the box, too! From a chameleon, a panda bear, birds and zebras to Audrey Hepburn, Karl Lagerfeld and Jamie Oliver, you won't believe the intricate details this artist puts into making absolute masterpieces — all on a spoon! food art food art food art food art food art food art food art Are you thinking of playing with your food now? Source: Bored Panda

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