This Artist's Adorable Illustrations Show the Reality of True Love

Living with someone you love can have its ups and downs. Sometimes the highs feels so good that the lows can be that much more worrisome. But, hey, that's life ... right? We have to learn how to cope in all situations in order to see everything as a constant growing process. Artist Philippa Rice seeks to expose the truths of living with someone in a beautiful yet creative way: through comics. The title of her book is called "Soppy," which seems pretty fitting. Rather than fill her pages with hearts and roses, she shows the way things go down every day with our significant others. From morning routines to hugs and snuggles, there's a lot that happens.  

Love can be as simple as a morning routine.

You can share space without sharing your activities all the time.

Love is accidental hugs while sleeping.

And even simple tasks can be adorable when done together.

Shopping can somehow become fun, too.

Unconditional love will have you dropping everything for a simple hug.

Sometimes the biggest dilemma proves to be what's for dinner.

Even if you're feeling sad, someone will always be there to hold your hand.

True love is about the small things.

Happiness together is cuddling up in bed with good books after a long day.

IKEA furniture is not easy to build. But together, it becomes a game.

You might find that sometimes you just have to ask tough questions.

Cooking together proves both challenging as well as fun.

Even the most ridiculous problems matter to your significant other.

True love is opening up about the big things and the little things while cozied up in bed.

Love is when space becomes irrelevant and a good cuddle takes the cake.

It's being in a public place that's your favorite, yet only the two of you exist.

Even the cold weather can't bring you down, because you always have the warmth of each other.

Love is when you are aware you should say sorry.

The most comfortable way to fall asleep is on your loved one's lap.

It's about exploring new territories, even if it's just a block down the street.

Love is being well aware that it's not always rainbows and butterflies. Compromise is important, too.

So long as you are both going in the same direction.

…Everything is going to be OK.

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