This Beauty Blogger Credits Sperm Facials for her Soft Skin (Video)

Beauty bloggers are a great source for finding cutting edge, innovative and interesting techniques for achieving a variety of looks with a variety of products. And this method is definitely out of the box. Beauty Blogger Tracy Kiss, 28, from Wendover, Buckinghamshire, posted a video to her YouTube page that promotes semen as a natural skin treatment to try. The single mother-of-two says that the semen soothes sensitive skin. Personally, she gathers her goods from a male friend, who delivers her his semen in plastic pots. Tracy then rubs it onto her skin and lets it sink in for 20 minutes. "I think people are concerned with the thought of putting semen on their face but actually it's a very natural and healthy thing to do," Tracy, who suffers from rosacea, said. She finds that the semen lessens her redness and flushing. "I know there are no added chemicals. It's as natural and active and live as you could possibly get." In the video, Tracy did stress that she does not by any means contribute to obtaining her friend's semen other than him dropping it off for her to use. She does, nonetheless, encourage people in relationships to take advantage. [bctt tweet="This Beauty Blogger Credits Sperm Facials for her Soft Skin (Video)"] Of the sensation of the semen she says, "I would put it in comparison to when you have chewing gum in your mouth and you breathe in, it's a cold, cooling, refreshing feeling," she said. 'It just sucks into the skin. It's absolutely beautiful." She also notes that the smell doesn't bother her, especially if the donor eats a healthy, balanced diet. This blogger uses sperm to make her skin soft.

When she is done with the sperm, she washes it off her face with warm water. "It feels so glossy to wipe it off. It feels like having a kind of oil on the face," she explained. "It just glides beautifully. The condition of the skin feels so much better already."

The former glamour model has caused quite a stir with her video, which has generated several hundred views in just a couple days. This blogger uses sperm to make her skin soft. She even wrote about the procedure on her website, saying that the idea came to her during a natural remedies conversation she was having with her beauty therapist. This blogger uses sperm to make her skin soft.

"The topic of semen facials came up," she said. "And I began researching the use of semen as a facial ingredient. I found that many experts had confirmed its benefits. Semen builds babies, they come out very soft and have beautiful skin, and it leaves my skin nice and soft so I'm very happy to use this as a facial."

This blogger uses sperm to make her skin soft.

There may be some truth to Tracy's theory according to science.

Semen has proteolytic enzymes that are designed to dissolve proteins, and when applied to the skin regularly, they can break down the dead layers to reveal the softer stuff.

Would you ever try this technique out for yourself?

Source: Daily Mail

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