This Dad's Honest Opinion Of His Wife's Post-Baby Body Will Surprise You

For many of us women, it is a scary thing to watch our bodies change with the birth of children. Personally, worrying about how I will 'preserve' my 20-something figure when I decide to have my first baby is always in the back of my mind. We don't want our breasts to sag from feedings, or stretch marks to scar our stomachs. Even if others don't see the changes that occur, we see them. And we agonize over them in the mirror. postpartum body So reading this father of four's take on his wife's post pregnancy figure restored my faith in the endearing love of husbands. "Let's be clear: my wife's body has changed because of pregnancy, but so what? Changes be damned, she's the same smokin' spitfire redhead she's always been. And my body has changed too." explains Brett Ortler, successful author and super dad. "When I got married, I was 27. I was a weightlifter, a runner, and I still had the sensibility of the wrestler I once was. Today, the only time I lift is when I fly my infant daughter around the room, my usual run involves chasing my 3-year-old while pretending to be the Snow Monster from Frozen." "I love my wife's postpartum body because, when I look at it, I see my family, and my family makes life worth living every day." Accepting change can be tough, but love reigns over these outward changes. The love for your children, the love for your spouse and the love for yourself is all that matters. What are your thoughts? How did you learn to love your post-baby body? Source: Fatherly Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_111003" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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