This Extreme Weight Loss Story Includes More Butter and Bacon

Extreme weight loss stories are inspiring and intriguing. While some people swear by a well-balanced diet and regular exercise, others take a more unique route. Suzanne Ryan is no exception.
The 31-year-old mother previously weighed in at 280 pounds, but dropped five dress sizes in just 10 months, losing just over 95 pounds. What's her secret? You might not believe it once you hear it. Suzanne's food secrets include tons of butter, bacon and cheese.After weighing in at her heaviest weight ever, she contemplated having gastric bypass surgery when she came across a diet known as Ketogenic.
The low-carb, high-fat diet promotes fat burn. And with minimal exercise, she stuck to a daily routine that would shed an extreme amount of weight off of her."I struggled with my weight all my life - there were so many diets I tried but nothing stuck, Suzanne, from San Francisco, said. "I had actually booked a consultation for a gastric bypass. I was at an all-time low, I was going to have to do something drastic. But I decided to give Keto a shot. I did my research and I cancelled the appointment with the surgeon and started my new lifestyle on January 13." She was able to eliminate a big obstacle. "It got to the core of my own personal problem - sugar. I used to eat a lot of cakes and drink a lot of fizzy drinks. The first few weeks were tough but once I cut it out I had so much energy to play and run around with my daughter."
I feel so much better, I haven't had cakes or sugar since I started - it's not a diet or a fad, it's a lifestyle." Along with steering clear of sugar, Suzanne lessened her carb intake, like bowls of pasta and sides of potatoes, and filled up on meat and vegetables. "The most amazing thing is you aren't depriving yourself of food. I eat fatty meats, dairy, cheese and bacon. I don't have that hungry feeling because eating higher fat keeps you satisfied. It's not like sugar crashes." Her husband, Mick, 34, also tried this diet, losing 70 pounds." I was desperate to get out there and tell others it was possible. I wanted people to know you don't have to spend money on products or struggle on ridiculous diets," Suzanne said. "I was hoping it would touch one person, but I have been blown away by the response." Have you heard of or tried the Ketogenic diet before?
Source: Express

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