This Fitness Program Will Change Your Life (We'll Tell You How)

Fitness studios and specialized workout classes are popping up all over the place. CrossFit studios, SoulCycle, Barre, yoga, Pilates, you name it, you can find it just about anywhere! It's great to see fitness becoming a prioritized part of our culture, but it is hard to know which studio or class is the one for you! And let's face it, not all of us have hundreds of extra dollars to be spending on boutique fitness, no matter how beneficial it may be. What are you to do if you don't have the funds to even get started? You join BodyRock! At BodyRock, we believe that reaching your fitness goals should be available to anyone -- no matter your income bracket, work schedule, or experience level! This is why we offer our real time bootcamps absolutely free! That's right, our Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Bootcamps give you access to a trainer designed workout series that you can do anywhere you want (get the bootcamps all in one place with Sweatflix℠)! From your living room to the neighborhood park, we've got you covered! These workouts will help you burn fat, build strength, and define your body from head to toe!

It's so much more than a fitness class!

When it comes to adopting a consistent workout routine, creating a joyful experience is half the battle. Working out does not have to feel like a chore. You can build whatever sort of workout environment you want! You can pick your warm up music, get your recovery drink made and ready to go, get your gear set up just right. You can roll out of bed and workout, no need to worry about your clothes matching or any other concerns you may have had when you were required to actually leave your home. When you workout with us, you can have a perfect experience each and every time. No weather concerns, no traffic. Just you and our trainers, working one on one! Who wouldn't like that? inpost

You'll find whole tribe of BodyRockers!

There is nothing like being a part of something to keep you feeling motivated. Community can help you celebrate your fitness highs, and keep you fighting through your lows. BodyRockers are a global community looking to live the fittest, healthiest, happiest life possible. Anytime of day, you can log in to social media and find thousands of people ready to support you in whatever way you need. Whether you need a little encouragement, or have a question or concern about something, reach out. We have online forums available for those days when you need some support and positive vibes! We are all in this together!

We give you the tools to get to where you are going!

Motivation and encouragement are often all you need to get started. But sometimes those daily emails from us are just not enough to get your booty in gear. We understand -- no one is on their game everyday! We've got you covered there too! By following our Facebook and Instagram pages, you will know when our trainers Lisa and/or Sean are going live with a killer bonus workout that will help to reignite your passion! The upgrade packages on our bootcamps come with a workbook to help you keep track of your progress as well as bonus burnout exercises. Any and all equipment you see in our workouts is available in the BodyRock Store! And once you are through our bootcamps, there is lots more to try! Sweatflix℠  contains over 60 hours of workouts (with exclusive content added each month) that you can stream any time you wish, day or night. Check it out and start your 30-day free trial, now! If nutrition is your concern, the BodyRock meal Plan has you covered. The plan gives you 30 days worth of menu planning, a weekly shopping list, a nutrition guide, and a recipe book that contains over 70 recipes! We give you the foundation you need to build healthy eating habits to last a lifetime! Basically, anything you need to get fit and healthy, you can find with us! So, go ahead, sign up for one of the bootcamps (beginner, intermediate, or advanced), smash your workout and then tell us all about it! Better yet, take a pic when you are done, post it to Instagram and tag us (@bodyrockoffical and use the hashtag #sweatyhi5) and we'll share it. We want to see those pics! This isn't just a fitness program, it is a movement. If you know someone in your life that could benefit from this journey, share this post and bring them along for the ride. The more the merrier, right? Let's do this together!

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