This Food Expert Reveals What Your Dining Habits Say About You

Ever notice how your dining habits differ from someone else's, and the two of you get talking about it? One of you eats quick, while the other takes their sweet time. You like to separate your foods, while your counterpart prefers to mix them up. What's right? What's wrong? And what do your dining habits say about your personality? slow eater According to behavioural food expert Juliet A. Boghossian, there are 'pros and cons' for every dining behaviour. For instance, those who eat slow tend to savour each bite, which says that they're the type of person who likes to live in the moment. They also tend to be stubborn when it comes to following through with their routines. "They are the priority in their lives," Boghossian says. fast eaters Fast eaters who don't get enough breaths in between each bite are known to be great multi-taskers who often meet deadlines. And, unlike those who eat slow, they are more likely to put other things and other people ahead of their own needs. seperating food Do you make it a point to separate all the different foods on your plate? Then you crave order in your life, and might have a problem with flexibility; giving up your routine for whatever obstacles might present themselves. eating one thing at a time The same goes for people who only eat one food at a time also have issues with flexibility, making you more of an isolationist eater, who is known to be task-oriented and methodical. mis food around If you're the type of person who likes to mix around the different types of food on your plate, it means that you're the type of person who is open to new things in life, and likes to experiment. over-sharer People who are over-sharers in the sense that they don't mind eating loud, tend to be free spirits. preparer Those who cut up all of their food before they take their first bite are known as preparers, and tend to be big planners, focused fiercely on the future. What type of eater are you? Source: Daily Mail

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