This Former Anorexic Credits Weightlifting for Her Continued Health

Former anorexic claims weightlifting saved her.

Anorexia is a deadly disease, and one woman found herself fighting for her life because of it.

Linn Strömberg, 23, from Kalmar, Sweden found herself consuming only 400 calories a day. She was so tiny that her family couldn't contain their emotions around her, and she even worried that she would soon suffer a cardiac arrest.

Former anorexic claims weightlifting saved her.

Linn couldn't help but weigh all of her food, as her weight continued to decrease.

"I remember my heart fighting for every beat, and I remember thinking that it would give up at any second. Despite this I kept going," Linn said. The young woman has made a full recovery, however, and says her love for weightlifting saved her from her battle with anorexia.

Former anorexic claims weightlifting saved her. Former anorexic claims weightlifting saved her.

In 2011, despite having a healthy BMI, Linn decided she wanted to lose weight, so she began minimizing her meal sizes and doing hours of running and swimming. The mixture left her weak, however, and she soon could only walk. She found herself constantly cold, covering up in layers of clothing to keep warm at all times. She also experienced hair loss, irregular periods and even panic attacks.

"I can't believe I tortured my body like this. I was so fixated and driven by my obsessions. I was never satisfied," Linn said.

Former anorexic claims weightlifting saved her. [bctt tweet="This Former Anorexic Credits Weightlifting for Her Continued Health"]

"At one point, it was anxiety and anguish from morning to evening. Over a year of my life disappeared in total anxiety. It's scary that you can lose your mind to a sickness like that." At one point, Linn weighed less than 80 pounds at her lowest. And while she chose to get rid of her scales during recovery, she believes she weighs about 126 pounds now.

It was in 2013 when she began her road to recovery after family members who hadn't seen her in a while burst our in tears. It was her mother and boyfriend Timmy who helped her to turn her life around.

Former anorexic claims weightlifting saved her.

Timmy encouraged Linn to try out weight training. Once she did, she was instantly hooked. Today, she works out five to six times per week and avoids cardiovascular training, because it reminds her of when she was unhealthy. She says she also has had a breast augmentation, which is something she always desired.

"Everything in my life circled around the food, the calories and my weight. I went to bed hungry every night and had to force myself to sleep with the faint sound of my heart echoing in my ears. I've always been a person who goes wholehearted for whatever I set my mind to and I really enjoyed watching my determination pay off," she said.

Former anorexic claims weightlifting saved her.

"I continued for one more week, then another, and another, and another. Until the day came when I reached my goal weight. Those magical numbers. But the joy didn't last very long, a couple of minutes later I stood in front of the mirror and viewed my body head to toe. I wasn't pleased, not pleased at all."

Linn now opts for chicken,  ground beef, egg, salads, almond milk, cottage cheese, oatmeal, whey protein, nut butter and cocoa to ensure she has a nutritious diet daily.

"You can't build muscle if you don't give your body the energy to do so," she said. "I have no trouble eating unhealthy. I always eat what I want and if I crave something sweet, I eat it. At weekends, I often eat pizza, cakes or candy."

Former anorexic claims weightlifting saved her. Did you or anyone you know find a healthy path with the aid of weightlifting? Source: Daily Mail [caption id="attachment_120393" align="alignleft" width="100"]@BodyRockTV @BodyRockTV[/caption] [caption id="attachment_120392" align="alignleft" width="100"]@BodyRockOfficial @BodyRockOfficial[/caption]

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