This Girl Sneezes 20 Times Per MINUTE And Can't Stop!

If you think sneezing is a slight bother, meet the girl who suffers from a strange condition that has caused her to repeatedly sneeze for over a month. 12-year-old Katelyn Thornley thought that she must have a cold or an allergy when she began repetitively sneezing last month. The Texas preteen knew something more serious was happening when her condition did not clear up after a few days. girl can't stop sneezing “I thought it was like, oh, I’m just allergic to something." she tells Fox News. But the sneezes persisted, happening at a rate of 20 times per minute. They prevent Katelyn from eating properly and doing other regular activities. They are so disruptive that Katelyn hasn't been able to attend school or play her favourite instrument, the clarinet. Sleep doesn't come easy, as the sneezes occur even when she is resting. “I’m constantly in pain with my abdomen, my legs are hurting because I’ve been weak, and I can barely eat." said the distraught girl. So far her parents have tried everything to stop the sneezes. They have visited six different specialists and have ruled out any possible viruses or allergies. One specialist suggested that Katelyn may be suffering from a form of stress that has caused this obscure reaction, but that hasn't been confirmed. "I just want it to stop going on for too long." Katelyn explained. "I wish I could leave my body for a little while so I could watch myself sleep. Because even in my dreams, I sneeze.” We hope Katelyn's story has a positive ending. What are your thoughts? Have you ever encountered a strange medical condition? Source: Yahoo Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_112632" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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