This is How Long Your Opened Foods Will Last

Grocery shopping can be really fun. Besides the part where you spend money, it's a great way to get inspired by all of the tasty options to choose from. And sometimes when you get home, you just want to rip open that cheese block and have a hunk immediately. Unfortunately, you may forget about that cheese as you store it away, and when you're reminded of it again days or weeks later, you're holding it in your hand wondering if it's OK to consume or not. But how long do your favourite food items actually last? You may be surprised to find out that what you've been holding onto, and perhaps even eating, is actually past its time. That salsa you only dip one chip into on occasion? It's only good for one month. And that pasta sauce you use sparingly? That's only good for four days! And then there's condiments, which typically come in big containers that we hope to have forever as we squeeze just a drizzle onto our lunchtime sandwich. But believe it or not, mayonnaise is actually only good for two months. And ketchup is only good for six months. Those frozen veggies you bought in bulk and hoped to use when you ran out of your fresh produce? They're only good for eight months. Check out the data below to get the full scoop on what you're saving for too long, and prepare to be shocked. food food Have you been saving any of these foods for too long? Source: Huffington Post

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