This is how One Woman Lost 75 LBS

Twenty-six year old and former athlete, Katie Svoboda, found herself shopping for wedding dresses at 220 lbs. "The saleswoman told me I'd need a size 20," she says. "I thought, Are you kidding?! I used to be a size 10."

That’s when she knew she had to make a change, and she lost 75 lbs by taking a simple approach to fitness. After making some healthy lifestyle changes, Katie now weighs 145 lbs and is still working hard to reach her goal of wearing her size 6 dream dress at her wedding.

Here’s Katie’s advice:

  • Entertain yourself.

"I watch morning TV on the treadmill. It makes time go by much faster."

  • Take an all-for-one approach.
"I try not to cook separate dishes—I make one healthy one and we all eat it, so I'm not tempted by the kids' chicken nuggets."
  • Eat out loud.
"Crunchy foods are super satisfying: I love sliced cucumbers, celery, and nuts."

Anyone can reach their goals if they put in the time, make it worth their time, and make their lifestyle realistic.

h/t: Women’s Health

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