This Is How to Get Through the First 10 Minutes of Running

When you decide its time to finally lace up those sneakers and hit the ground running, you find that it's not exactly as easy as you imagined. You immediately break into a sweat. Everything feels stiff. It seems as though you're traveling through mud. And the sore that follows is downright brutal. running But sticking with it does wonders as one woman found out. "My lofty goal was to run for 30 minutes straight — without stopping and without pain," says Jenny Sugar. "After a few months it happened. I went from running-tolerator to — gasp — running-lover! What worked for me was that I took it very slow (I could have probably walked briskly at the same pace), and took each day as it was. Some mornings, I'd run three times around the block without stopping, and other times getting around once was a huge feat." [bctt tweet="Running doesn't have to be your enemy. "] What Jenny found was that those initial 10 minutes of uncomfortable, almost agonizing movement never really go away. She says this after running on and off for 10 years, and now even after being amidst training for her first half-marathon. running "My body just rebels with shin pain, sore feet, tight hamstrings, and a foggy brain. And it's not just me. Every runner I talk to agrees, and some say it takes them up to three miles to warm up and feel good on a run. But once you hit that moment, where your muscles feel strong and open, you feel light on your feet, and your energy's high, you feel so happy, free, and alive, like you can keep going and going; that moment makes those first 10 godawful minutes so incredibly worth it," she says. Running doesn't have to be your enemy, you just have to understand how to ease your way into it. Taking it slow will prove all the difference. "Start off slow like I did, and just breathe through those first 10 minutes," Jenny says. "Make sure you don't skip out on the warmup, know how to fuel yourself for a run, know what to eat afterward (I'm so into this hydrating watermelon smoothie right now), and remember how to stretch to prevent soreness and injuries." If you're looking for a place to start your fitness journey, check out our FREE BodyRock Beginner Bootcamp!  For 4 weeks, we show up in your inbox with a brand new 10 - 12 minute daily real time workout!  Not only that, but there is a 30 day meal plan that provides easy to follow recipes, outlines what to eat and when, and provides grocery lists!  Check it out here! running What are your thoughts on running? Source: Popsugar  

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