This Is How You Know It's Time to Shave (Infographic)

Shaving is a process. We can all admit to that. We'd prefer to think about how we have to shave as opposed to actually doing it. But why?
Honestly, sometimes the time and effort involved just doesn't feel worth it. So what if there's a little stubble on our legs or under our arms? We're only human. But after a few days, that stubble turns into full on hair again, and we find ourselves raising our hands above our head and glancing over at our pits in shock and horror. Or that dress we want to wear for a night out on the town now has to take a backseat to a pair of slacks since there's no way we have time to clean up. And when we do finally take the time to shave, we're not even interested in doing it correctly. Shaving cream? Nah. We'll just rub on some soap and start sliding up our shins in hopes we don't take a chunk off. But at some point, you just have to admit you're doing it all wrong, and being completely lazy about it. Here's when it's time to give in. The evolution of shaving infographic.   Source: Elite Daily

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