THIS Is How You Should Peel Your Hard-Boiled Eggs

How you should be peeling your hard-boiled eggs.
Every now and then, I wake up and think, "today I'll make myself some hard-boiled eggs." As I drop the eggs into the water, I think of all the minor maintenance involved in this delicious breakfast treat or anytime snack, until it comes time to peel them, and suddenly I find myself deeply frustrated as I mangle my eggs and create a great big, unnecessary mess. It's only then that I am reminded as to why I rarely make them. But there's a secret out there for all you hard-boiled egg fans that will blow your mind. First off, the USDA says that old eggs are easier to peel than the new ones, so if you have a carton that needs to go, use those babies up. The science behind this is based on the air cell that lives between the shell and the inside of the egg, which increases in size the older it is. Secondly, take note of these four tricks to get the job done right, which involves faster methods that won't make a mess, or turn your egg into a shredded, sad sculpture. 1. Try baking soda. 

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