This Is the Biggest Sign That Your Partner Is Cheating

When you think you're being cheated on, there's a terrible feeling in your gut that takes over. But how can you tell if it's actually happening? Spotting a cheater is not as black and white as one would hope. There are a lot of suggestions out there, but according to relationship experts and divorce lawyers, there's one common indicator. If your significant other is being weird with their phone, something may be up. In today's society, our phones are our everything. And if your partner is being private with their device out of the blue, then you should take note.
How to tell if your partner is cheating.
Divorce lawyer Marilyn Stowe says, "How many times has a client told me about a spouse who behaves oddly and maintains a death grip on their mobile phone? The answer is far too many to remember! So far as marital breakdown is concerned, such activities have become epidemic. One client of mine became suspicious after her husband began sleeping with his mobile under his pillow. One night, when she could stand it no longer, she maneuvered it from beneath his sleeping head, crept downstairs, read the text messages from his lover — and woke him with her noisy demands for a divorce."
How to tell if your partner is cheating.
There are plenty of other reasons someone may be keeping their phone private from you. They could be planning a surprise that involves you, for instance. Try to give your significant other the benefit of the doubt, and make sure you communicate with them as much as you can.
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