This Is The Last Nail In The Cardio Coffin

After seven months and 374 hours of training for an Ironman, Rachel Cosgrove had only lost 5 pounds. She wasn't doing the training for weight loss but she still found it shocking. How is this possible? Let this serve as still more proof that cardio is not impactful when it comes to weight loss. edith running   The more your body adapts, as your endurance gets better, the fewer calories you burn. Cosgrove was left having to do more and more exercise and getting next to no fat burn. Cosgrove writes, "we know steady-state cardio is not as effective for fat loss as high intensity interval training... But still, you'd think all that cardio would've been more effective than this! A lousy five pounds after doing 374 hours of training, while keeping tabs on my diet!" Steady state cardio is not effective if you're after a lean, toned physique. It is only useful, as Cosgrove says, "if your goal is to complete an endurance event." After she completed the Ironman, Cosgrove decided to make fat loss her goal. She eliminated all steady state cardio activities in favour of HIIT style workouts and weight training. She didn't do any of her interval training on a treadmill or bike. She used bodyweight exercise circuits and kettlebell circuits. She says, "These metabolic cardio workouts would crank my heart rate up for two minutes, I'd recover, and then repeat. Doing these interval circuits, along with strength training, took up a total of five to six hours a week. Nothing like the twenty to thirty hours of Ironman training!" As expected, Cosgrove lost weight and got herself a set of rock hard abs. As she explains, "one reason intervals are more effective is that they target more of your muscle. During endurance exercise, you use a lot of slow-twitch muscle fibers and too few fast-twitch muscle fibers. It's those fast-twitch muscle fibers that give you firm muscles and fast-tracked results." Look at it this way: "If you do a thirty minute walk at a steady-state, moderate pace, you'll shed about 150 calories," Cosgrove says, "if you mixed in eight 30-second sprints, you'll burn closer to 200 calories." And don't forget about the afterburn. When your interval training session is done, you will continue to burn calories, up to three times the number you'd burn in a steady state workout. Cosgrove believes it is time to give up countless hours on the treadmill once and for all. "Take it from me, I finally learned first hand. It's time to put the last nail in the coffin of using aerobics for fat loss, bury it for good, and do some high intensity, interval dancing on its grave." Have you been going about your fat loss all wrong? What changes can you make? Source: T-Nation  

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