This Is the Number 1 Reason So Many People Hate to Exercise

Every day you see it. Article after article, link after link on your social media page touting the benefits of exercise. There are so many scientific experiments done that explain exactly what exercise can do for us. They tell us how to work out and for how long. Tomorrow, there will be another study published that says something else. The most popular of these posts are the ones that offer us a short cut. But all of that misses the point. We know exercise is important for our well being as humans, but we also know our nature sometimes leads us to avoid doing things we don't want to do. So, it would be far more effective to put our efforts into finding a routine we really enjoy, not worry about what's trending or what science is saying about specific exercises. The best way to exercise, is to exercise the way you want. inpost-machines-2 If science is telling you that HIIT is the best way to do cardio, you're likely to hop on the treadmill for some intervals but if you absolutely hate running on the treadmill, you aren't likely going to stick with this routine very long. Skip science, follow your desire. It won't be such a trying effort to get your sweat on, it will a choice. And one you enjoy. [bctt tweet="This Is the Number 1 Reason So Many People Hate to Exercise"] Decide to be active. Don't think about minutes, or calories. Pick something physical, and do it. Do it most days of the week. Take note of what you enjoy. If hot yoga makes your heart soar, do it. You do like walking along the shore line or doing intense bootcamps or dance classes with some friends? Do it. Do what feels right that day. If you've had a tense day, you might find you need to go hard to blow of steam or maybe you need to be gentle with yourself. Allow room for that in your workouts. INPOST-exercise       Doing what you want will lead you to think of exercise as a choice you can make and not something you have to do. Making the promise to be active and allowing yourself to choose what that looks like on any give day, will stoke your desire for exercise. Because when you enjoy something, you'll want to find other ways to feel that bliss. If you find what you love and stick with it, you'll be more likely to build upon that foundation. So, we've got one question for you: What do you feel like doing today? With SweatFlix℠, you can always find an answer that fits the bill! You'll find over 80 hours of on demand workouts to fit all fitness levels and interests. With new and exclusive content being added all the time, you'll never be bored again! Source: POPSUGAR

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