This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Take A Break From Working Out (Infographic)

It's time to face the facts. Sometimes, you will miss a workout or two. For some people, these sweat session breaks can last months and even years. This time of year, it can be nearly impossible to find the motivation. Our schedules are packed with holiday parties and shopping, and our bellies are packed with decadent treats and massive meals. It is easy to tell yourself that skipping a few workouts won't make much of a difference. Unfortunately, that isn't true. Have a look: this is what happens when you stop working out [bctt tweet="This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Take A Break From Working Out (Infographic)"] Here is more information about what is happening at each stage: When You Haven’t Worked Out in a Few Days… This isn't really a HUGE deal. If you are hitting your workouts regularly, your body may actually welcome this chance for recovery. It will repair your muscles and bring you back even stronger. Just remember that if you pair these days off with horrible food and alcohol, you may end up feeling seriously bloated. When You Haven’t Worked Out in a Week… You may notice you feel a little 'soft.' This is because your muscle fibers are starting to disappear and your body is retaining more fluids. But generally speaking, you still feel pretty good. If you start back up at the gym now, you'll notice that there isn't much of difference in your performance. When You Haven’t Worked Out in a Couple of Weeks… Things are starting to decline now. The number of mitochondria, the tiny powerhouses that fuel your muscle cells, is starting to decrease and your cardio endurance will take a serious hit. You may find that even taking the stairs leaves you feeling winded. When You Haven’t Worked Out in a Month… Your cardio and strength gains have now all disappeared. You have less lean muscle and more body fat. You will experience more stress and find getting a good night's sleep more difficult.

When You Haven’t Worked Out in a Few Months… Now your metabolism is taking a beating. You are burning fewer calories and likely feeling more exhausted and fatigued. Your heart is forced to work harder and your lungs aren't absorbing as much oxygen.

You Haven’t Worked Out in a Year… You body fat percentage has risen dramatically. You've lost your muscle and your metabolism is moving at a snail's pace. You've now increased your risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, insomnia and depression.

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What is the longest you have gone between workouts?

Source: Women's Health

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