This Is What Happens When You Give Up Sugar, According to One Man's Month-Long Experiment

Sugar has continued to get a bad rap in health circles. It's been said that sugar needs to be eaten in moderation and is now being touted by many health experts as one of the biggest things to steer clear of. And one man is following suit. In order to see if eliminating sugar and alcohol from your diet was really worth it, Dutch man Sacha Harland attempted to live for a month without consuming either of them. The experiment proved to be an emotional journey that ended with a 10-pound weight loss, decreased blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. The experiment was even documented in a 6-minute Lifehunters video. This man gave up alcohol and sugar for a month. See what happened.

The 22-year-old from The Hague, Holland completed his month-long experiment in September, and noted the surprising effects of reintroducing sugar into his diet. "I got arrhythmia twice in one and half weeks when I started eating sugar again."

This man gave up alcohol and sugar for a month. See what happened.

"I also had trouble sleeping; I couldn't fall asleep before 3am or 4am. It's not in the video because we had stopped filming. This was an interesting thing; it [his body] wasn't used to sugar any more and it came in like a drug," he continued. Giving up sugar and alcohol at first proved a challenge to the DJ and producer. "I was really grumpy in the first few days and all my friends were saying the same thing. I couldn't eat what I was usually eating, I was constantly focused on what I could eat and what I could not and it was a bit hard to get used to it; it took like a week or a week and a half. After a week or two it gets easier; the first couple of days I didn't have a complete diet planned out so I had to find out by myself what meals to make and what to eat and what not to eat." This man gave up alcohol and sugar for a month. See what happened. To make things easier, he devised a plan. "After a week or two I had a couple of meals I could eat regularly and that made it a lot easier," he said. "I repeated the things I already eaten because it was for me the easiest way to survive the month." So what did he miss the most during the experiment? "The hardest part was letting go of the normal stuff I was used to; not so much the burgers but things like peanut butter was tough, because it's one of my favourite things to eat for breakfast." This man gave up alcohol and sugar for a month. See what happened. Of the outcome of the month-long trial, he noted how shocked he was to see his health increase so drastically just by cutting out sugar and alcohol. "I am baffled what this month has done to me. After a month without unnatural E numbers and added sugar I feel fitter. I also have more energy and have lost eight pounds. My blood pressure went from 135/75 to 125/75, my cholesterol went down eight per cent from 4.6 to 4 and my blood sugar is considerably less." This man gave up alcohol and sugar for a month. See what happened.

While he admits the beginning was no easy feat, he is proud to say he eventually detoxed and found the experiment in its entirety to have gone very well.

Would you give up sugar and alcohol for a month?

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