This is What Models Really Eat Before Fashion Week

Models seem to defeat the odds, with their gorgeous looks and incredible figures. So, you'd assume that their prep work for big fashion shows would be slim to none, right? Well, to get that gorgeous glow, effervescent energy and enviable figure, they need to make sure they treat their bodies like temples. "So they do eat?!" you may be asking. Yes! In fact, though they may love a good junk food craving every now and then as many have admitted, they also load up on nutrient-rich foods packed with essential vitamins and healthy fats. Russell Bateman, founder of exercise and lifestyle project Skinny Bitch Collective, which is popular amongst celebrities and models, says that without a healthy diet, they wouldn't be able to deal with the build up to the craziness fashion week entails. In preparation for London Fashion Week, models Karlie Kloss and Miranda Kerr can be sure to opt out of fattening food options and pick up fuel-based meals instead. Everyone needs to indulge in a craving now and then... models But a muffin or cookie for breakfast during fashion week? That's a no-no. You can expect models like Kloss to be eating a breakfast consisting of coconut coriander eggs, avocado and salmon gravlax. models And while Miranda Kerr may crave a burger and fries every now and then... models Gearing up for fashion week looks a lot healthier, like this simple breakfast consisting of fruits and nuts. models

"It's important to remember that food sensitivities are very stressful to your body. When you consume foods that are firing up your immune system, you get inflammation; this can cause the tummy to look bloated which isn't ideal for the catwalk," explains Bateman.

Did you think models had to switch their diets before big shows?

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