THIS Is What You Need to Do if You Want a Tighter Butt

A big butt is a much-loved commodity in today's society, but it's hard to deny that keeping it tight is half of the appeal. Whether you're sporting it or looking at it, you can't help but appreciate how great it looks in a pair of jeans, yoga pants or a skin-tight dress. But what's the secret to achieving it?   Celebrity trainer Kit Rich says the secret to a fit and bodacious behind is simple: "The lower you drop, the higher your butt." And what are the tips for making sure you incorporate the right moves to drop it low? It's pretty straightforward, really. Squats, lunges and variations of the two are all you need. Rich says do the moves like you've been taught, however, on your last rep make sure to sink in a little bit deeper and hold there for about 5 to 10 seconds. Then, you'll need to drop even lower, holding for an additional 10 seconds. Nope, not over just yet. Now it's time to sink even lower and pulse for 10 more seconds. While all you'll want to do is grunt and moan ... and perhaps give up, try to focus on deep and even breaths while paying attention to your form to ensure you're still getting the most out of the move. Make sure that your glutes and core are engaged and that your knees are still behind your toes. "All of this will help you get through the progression easier," she says. Are you ready to drop it low? Source: Popsugar  

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