This Is What Your Birth Control Alarm Says About Your Personality

It takes trial and error, but people on the birth control pill often find their sweet spot time eventually. Mornings can be difficult due to changing schedules for some, while evenings can prove hectic, causing women to forget. When you find what's consistent in your day-to-day routine, you make it easier to achieve that specific time to take your pill at every single day. What time you opt to take your pill says a lot about your personality. Perhaps your the type of person who loves a good alcoholic beverage ... a little too much. Timing when you're going to be sober and with it might be the time you pick to swallow your pill. Others are up and at 'em seven days a week at 6am. And perhaps you're the type who is so meticulous about your life that you even time when you'll take your pill down to the second. Or you could be the "whatever" kind of gal, who says you'll take it when you remember it. Good luck? With that said, this is what your birth control time says about you.

6:00 am: The Early Bird

You have your life together. You spring out of bed, you eat breakfast, you work out, you hold a good job, and, despite your busy schedule, still manage not to get pregnant. Good for you!

6:00 am (minus the weekends): The Not a Girl But Definitely Not a Woman

You work hard all week, but come Saturday and Sunday, you're a weekend warrior.

8:00 am: The Practical Person

You work hard, and are not willing to wonder about when you have to take your pill, so you plan on getting it out of the way nice and early — way before the stress of the day hits. You prefer to take your pill in the privacy of your own home as opposed to at lunch with your co-workers.

10:00 am: The Brunch Babe

There's three things on your mind come Sunday morning: bottomless mimosas, eggs Benedict and birth control. Kidding ... sort of. Simply put, you like to take your time in the morning. [bctt tweet="This Is What Your Birth Control Alarm Says About Your Personality"]

11:30 am: The Mild Alcoholic

You like to day-drink as much as you love to night-drink, so you've strategically planned the time  you take your pill. At this time, you're totally sober and totally awake. You pop the pill before you head off to an early lunch, since you slept in and skipped breakfast ... again.

1:30 pm: The "Whatever" Woman

You don't care when you take it or in front of whom. You may be drinking on a Saturday afternoon with your friends at a bar, but that won't stop you from whipping out your pack of pills. You might even be in a meeting with your boss, but it's pill time, so you're going to take it no matter what.

5:00 pm: The Hard Worker Type

You're a nine-to-fiver, and work diligently throughout the day. When the clock strikes five, you know you can finally turn your brain off. You see the end of the day as a reward, and your pill the end goal.

8:00 pm: The Ambitious Gal

When you were in college, you did it all. You worked hard, played hard, did your work, had a healthy dinner, took your pill before having a disco nap, and were up and ready to party by nine. Now that you're an adult, you have found that snooze replaced by late nights at the office, but luckily the time to take your pill still works.

9:00 pm: The Homebody Type

You know where you're going to be at this time every night: cuddled up with your significant other watching your favorite TV show. Which one of these scenarios fits you best?
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