This Is What Your Breast Shape Says About Your Personality

Breasts are beautiful, powerful parts of women's bodies. However, all too often they're seen by society as sexual objects. But it's time to see them for something else. The shape of your breasts reveal a lot about your personality. What does your bosom say about you? 1. Tiny breasts with medium nipples You are a refined intellectual who has a very different view than most. You also find tranquility and comfort to be necessities, and tend to be alone. You're a strong and stable person who internalizes your emotions. 2. Large breasts with medium nipples You're an independent person who is meant to lead. Logic plays an intricate role in your life. Though you can be cold, you are also calm and stable, and most definitely successful. 3. Medium breasts with medium nipples You are a free-spirited soul who loves adventure. You tend to be impulsive, but your actions do have a purpose that's not always apparent to others. Sometimes your behavior can offend others, even if you're just trying to be innovative and modern. This is what your breast shape says about your personality. 4. Large breasts that point downward with large nipples You're an optimist and a dreamer who sees the good in everything. Even when you're worried, you still appear to be positive. You're also intelligent as well as diligent. Though you can be shy, you're equally just as vocally funny, which can, at times, hurt the people around you who might take it the wrong way. 5.  Small breasts with big nipples It's hard to forget someone like you. Your courage and passion for life attracts people, but sometimes these qualities tend to lack a moral compass, while other times you complete difficult tasks with true vigor. 6. Large perky breasts with large nipples You are a reliable and kind person who always helps others in need. Though people can always count on you to keep a secret or be there for them, you tend to be mysterious. This is what your breast shape says about your personality. 7. Small breasts that point downward with large nipples Your wisdom and spirituality work in your favour as you constantly strive to improve yourself. You're interested in seeing the bigger picture of life by educating yourself through books, philosophy and friends. 8. Large, bulbous breasts with large nipples Your creative spirit makes you an unusual breed. You like to do things in your own unique way, but people respond to your personality well, finding you entirely charming. 9. Medium breasts with nipples that point outward You get along with others easily. Although you might come off as shy, you're ability to fit in with many different types of people and agree with them makes you an inviting person. People find themselves seeking you out for advice as well. This is what your breast shape says about your personality. 10. Large breasts with nipples that point outward You're a daydreamer who often drifts off into alternate worlds and realities. People find you to be charismatic and sociable. You're always smiling and often amuse those around you. 11. Small breasts with large nipples that point downward You change the energy when you enter the room. You're often the center of attention, which you use to your advantage. "Love is all we need" is your motto in life, and you're turned off by people who are too practical. 12. Medium breasts that point outward with nipples that point outward Though you are a bit mysterious, you're definitely a reliable and responsible person that people trust deeply, which typically results in people giving you serious tasks. Did you find out anything new about yourself? Source: Candyreader [caption id="attachment_117241" align="alignnone" width="100"]instagram link @BodyRockOfficial[/caption] [caption id="attachment_117242" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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