This Is What Your Kissing Style Says About Your Personality

When it comes to kissing, everyone's got their own "isms." With tongue or without? Eyes open or closed? We find out quickly the way we like to kiss, and when we pucker up for a smooch with another, we're setting ourselves up for sparks or failure. Finding something with a similar technique is great. You're both into it wholeheartedly, and you can let go of wondering what the other is about to do. So what does your kissing style say about you?
  1. Eyes open


This means you're incredibly curious and inquisitive; preferring to observe the situation as opposed to closing yourself off from it with the shut-eye technique.

     2. Open mouthed


You're the type of person who likes to take charge. French kissing isn't for everyone, so when you find someone who likes to lock lips like you do, you're all in. When it comes to life, you don't let the bad stuff get you down. You power through, are solution-oriented, and tackle each new day with pride and strength. 

      3. Closed-mouthed


Pressed passionately against your partners, you find that a long, deep closed-mouthed kiss is preferable to the wetter ones. You're a traditionalist, though you're certainly not close-minded. You just prefer things a certain way, like homemade cookies opposed to store-bought, daytime fun as opposed to a night on the town, and a good read over a good film.

     4. Wild


It's all a game for you when it comes to kissing. You like to lick, bite the lip, scream a little, and perhaps throw in a good slap. In short, nothing is off limits for you. You're also not used to being turned down, so when it happens, you make sure to turn it into a positive and move forward.

What's your kissing style?

Source: Bustle

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