This Is Why Waking Up an Hour Earlier Can Make You Happier

Mornings can be rough. You find yourself fighting them with all your might. The alarm goes off, you hit snooze a bunch of times, check your phone for messages, then finally drag yourself into the shower. It isn't until you start putting your clothes on that you realize you've wasted a lot of precious time and can now no longer enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a piece of toast in the leisure of your own home. You begin to hectically get yourself together, then find yourself stopping at the drive-thru for a large latte before hitting the office. Breakfast will have to take a backseat today. You've done this enough times to start calling it your own chaotic morning routine. But perhaps it's time to stop settling and make a healthy change because studies show that happier people are early birds. This is why.

You're likely to get up and get active.

If you prefer to exercise in the morning, getting up early will ensure you get the job done. But, late-night dinners, indulgent happy hours and even spending too much time scrolling social media will keep you from waking up and feeling refreshed enough to get going. So, spend your night with the thought in mind that happiness will come your way in the morning, filled with a nice run, a deep yoga flow or a sweaty cycling sesh. [bctt tweet="If happiness is your thing, you'll find this information interesting. "]

You’ll eat the most important meal of the day.

Unless kickstarting your metabolism and stabilizing your blood sugar aren't your thing, you'll find the benefits of eating breakfast highly important. And despite how many times we're told to eat up, 31 million Americans still don't. So, just wake up an hour early and allow for that nice leisurely morning filled with food to unfold.  

You’ll enjoy some one-on-one time with yourself.

If you prefer to workout in the evenings, use this extra hour in the morning to create some other rituals. Take up meditation, read a book, drink some tea, or even journal.  

Still, don't skimp on sleep.

While getting up earlier can boost your mood, if you're doing so with lack of sleep, you're not doing yourself any favors, as sleep deprivation is linked to weight gain, a lack of concentration and even depression. Are you an early bird? How does it effect you?
Source: Elite Daily

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