This Is Why You Can't Lose Those Last 5 Pounds

It is a universal truth that few of us understand. The first 5 pounds are easy to take off, the last 5 are pure hell. If you have ever found yourself looking down at the number on the scale and felt like screaming in frustration, you are not alone. It always seems that despite our best efforts to further clean up our diets and burn those extra calories at the gym, those pounds refuse to budge. So, what's the deal? INPOST-muscle         It is pretty simple, really. Chances are, your goal weight is just 5 pounds too light. “Many women set their ideal weight unrealistically low,” says Michelle May, M.D., R.D., founder of Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Programs and Training and author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat. May explains that your body will always fight to stay at the weight that is right for you. A review from Pennington Biomedical Research Center found that every woman's body is designed to hold weight in different places. To get to a weight or size that isn't natural for you is incredibly difficult, biologically and psychologically, and will require you placing incredible restrictions on your life. [bctt tweet="This Is Why You Can't Lose Those Last 5 Pounds"] So while you may be obsessed with weighing what you did in high school, May insists that your body is supposed to change over time. What was right for you at 18 may not be right for you anymore. We aren't saying that everyone who has a difficult time losing weight doesn't need to lose it, just that sometimes what we want and what our body needs are two different things. Sometimes losing more weight can be unhealthy. Here are 6 signs that your body has found its sweet spot:

1. Your weight doesn't fluctuate that much

Every woman has a weight that fluctuates based on hydration levels, time of the month and bathroom schedule. But when your weight is where it should be, it isn't hard to maintain the weight on the scale. May says that a lot of weight loss fluctuations happen when you've lost too much weight which leads to overeating and gaining it all back. MIMI

2. You have tons of energy

When you are at a healthy weight, your energy levels will be high. Being an ideal weight makes it easier for your body to function efficiently. If your every day tasks are wearing you out, you may weigh too much, too little or be cutting too many calories.

3. You eat when you're hungry

And you stop eating when you're full -- most of the time. “Even healthy eating includes occasionally overeating, and that’s okay," May says. "If you listen to your body and let your hunger signals guide your eating most of the time, you’ll find your healthy weight and stay there."

4. Working out is about way more than weight loss

The greatest part about being at your happy weight is that working out becomes thrilling just because you get to see all the amazing things you can do with your body. It is no longer just about the number of calories you've burned. You'll push yourself because you want to reach new heights, not because you're trying to drop pounds.

5. Your health is in check

Being at the best weight for your body won't cure all your problems but it will make your body work better. Your blood pressure will lower, your immune system will get stronger, and you will feel healthier in general.

6. You eat the foods you love

When you body is healthy, you can really understand that food isn't just about fuel, it can also be about enjoyment. So, when your body is at a healthy weight, you can grab, and enjoy, that little bowl of ice cream for dessert when you really want it. Are you stuck at that last 5 pounds? Do you think you might be already at your ideal weight? Source: Women's Health

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