This Korean Couple Underwent an Intense Change in Their Appearance

Korean couple Song Jin Yoo and Shin Ji Hoo began an intense exercise regimen just 5 months ago, and within that time frame, a lot happened to their physical appearance. Song Jin Yoo consumes 150g of chicken breast, 120g of sweet potatoes, five pieces of almonds, cherry tomatoes, cabbage, and some onions every three to four hours, while his lady, Shin Ji Hoo, consumes three to four egg whites, 50g of potatoes, some fruits and vegetables around five times a day. The result? Song Jin Yoo went from 83kg with 16% body fat to 71kg with 5% body fat. Shin Ji Hoo went from 71kg with 32% body fat to 49kg and 18% body fat. korean couple   korean couple korean couple [bctt tweet="This Korean Couple Underwent an Intense Change in Their Appearance"] korean couple korean couplekorean couple korean couple korean couplewhat_this_korean_couple_did_together_will_blow_your_mind_640_19 It seems like quite a bit of loss in such a short amount of time. In fact, it tends to take people a couple of years to achieve such an impressive transformation, yet the photos of the two on their social media profiles boast the incredible results, leaving viewers wowed by their fast results. What are your thoughts on this couple's crazy quick transformation? Source: The Chive

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