This Marathon Runner Made a Big Statement to Find Love

These days, there are so many avenues for finding a significant other. From online dating to meet-up groups, the idea of being desperate seems to be a thing of the past. People want connection, and aren't afraid to take advantage of the different ways to obtain it. One man certainly proves that. This man went shirtless in the name of love. Steve Bergstrom decided to kick it up a notch at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon earlier this month. The 30-year-old wanted to make his message loud and clear by writing "single and on Facebook" on his back. Of his decision, he told ABC News, "This was absolutely not a ploy to get as many dates as I can. I would like to find myself in a position where I don't have to do this again." The response? The next several days after the race, he claims to have gotten quite a few friend requests from ladies on Facebook who saw him running. He ended up reaching the limit of 1,000 friend requests! One of those was from Liz Heisler, who had also been at the race with a sign. "She was standing with a sign with a picture of her cat that said 'My mom is searching for a #catdad,'" Steve said. "I told her if we don't meet up and have a drink when you held up a sign and I held up a sign, then we're missing out on good storytelling later." Steve and Liz ended up meeting up, and have now been on two dates. "It's been a fun couple of weeks to say the least." This marathon runner has a great sign.
Would you ever put a sign like this on your body at a race?
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