This Might Be the Answer To Fixing Your Dark-Colored Armpits

  When was the last time someone told you that your armpits were beautiful? Probably never. Pits are smelly, hairy, stubbly and even offer up extra-dark skin that's straight up embarrassing. Because of this, we don't flaunt our pits per say. If our hands fly up, so be it, but we're pretty conscious of this region, and try not to put them in plain sight ... and no one's complaining about that. And while we can do things for the smell and the hair, little is discussed when it comes to the color. But apparently, a potato will do the trick. Though the idea might seem strange, if you're embarrassed by the color under your arms then what do you have to lose? Potatoes have an enzyme called catecholase, which aids in the restoration of even-colored skin. So, if you're up for the challenge, then grab a raw potato, rinse and grate a quarter cup into a bowl. There's no need to peel it, however. Then, over a sink, apply the paste as you would a mask and leave it on for half an hour or so. This is how to lighten the skin under your armpits.

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