This Might Just Be the Biggest Blister You've Ever Seen (Video)

Blisters are never pretty or fun. In fact, they're straight up uncomfortable, painful and an utter nuisance when you're just trying to live your everyday life and they get in the way. But there's a difference between the typical kinds, and the gruesome kinds.

In this video, an unidentified man filmed himself having a blister popped and cleaned by a doctor. The shocking part is that the blister was so big that it covered his entire palm. It's not the most pleasant thing to watch, but it does show a spray of fluid jetting out from the bubble of yellow skin. "I couldn't resist," the doctor says. "That definitely doesn’t feel good," the man, who works at a car wash, admits.

"You cannot wash cars," the doctor tells her patient after discovering what his job entails.  "You can do cashier work."

The patient, who suffered second degree burns to his left palm, uploaded the video to YouTube under the username The Most ProNoob.

The man had gone to the emergency room after suffering second degree burns to his left palm on March 7 of last year, in which it was cleaned and wrapped by doctors. Then, on March 10, he returned and filmed what we now get to witness in the stomach-turning video. After the blister is fully popped, the doctor cuts away the remaining dead skin, which reveals the raw layers now exposed, along with a slimy, yellow goo. "That slimy stuff on there is protein," she explains to her patient. This blister video will make your stomach turn. Second degree burns are nothing to scoff at. Anyone suffering from one should seek medical attention from a doctor immediately. The wounds need to be cleaned and bandaged on a regularly basis in order to prevent infection, and they take up to three weeks to fully heal. Have you ever had a gruesome blister like the one shown in this video? Source: Daily Mail Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_114150" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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