This Model Overcame Anorexia to Be a Successful Plus-Size Model

Danielle Braverman used to be a size 2. The aspiring model was told she was too big for the industry, however, and eventually developed anorexia as a result.

The beauty, from Denver, Colorado went from poor body image to a healthy weight, however, bouncing back to a size 14 and learning to love her body. She was scouted by True Model Management in New York and Hughes Models in London, and is now a successful plus-size model.

[caption id="attachment_126577" align="alignnone" width="476"](Photo: Danielle Braverman/Instagram) (Photo: Danielle Braverman/Instagram)[/caption]  

She now travels the world posing for big brands like Boohoo, Misguided, Evans and Simply Be.

"I started straight-size modelling at college - I was very thin and successfully modelled for years. But because naturally I am not that size I was constantly pushing against my curves," Danielle said.

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"I was constantly told I needed to lose weight and people would even duct tape my chest down for photoshoots. I was endangering my health and sanity and it was very stressful. I was binging, had anorexia, I was taking diet pills and watching every calorie. I was looking at an apple thinking it had too many calories. I'd feel completely guilty about eating, I was exercising excessively and it became an obsession."

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When she quit modeling, she got married and said goodbye to her unhealthy habits, allowing her curves to naturally take form. The mother-of-two says that it was her family who helped her to see just how bad she was being to herself.

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"I kind of had an epiphany after I had my daughter - I didn't want her to have to go through all that, and I just want her to accept herself," she said. "I started eating normally and being active and after having two children was a size 12-14 and curvy. I feel like this is my true shape, and I am being my true shape. It took me a long time to stop picking on myself, but I got to a point of self-acceptance. I started to feel happy just letting me be me."


Then, Danielle turned to plus-size modeling.

"The model in me never left. I've always loved modelling, once I was in a healthy state of mind I started plus-size modelling. I've never been so happy. Everyone has been so lovely and I have never been so accepted."

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Taking part in the body positive movement, she started a social media campaign called #embraceyourshape.

"We need more diverse bodies in modelling to reflect the wide range of women's bodies. I would love to become more of a voice, a body positive advocate and would love to continue to empower," she said.

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