This Mom Wanted Kardashian Hair - The Results Almost Killed Her

As much as we like to hate on the Kardashians, people still look up to them. That's the case for 25-year-old Amy Caddick - at least in the hair department.

Amy went to the salon wanting to emulate Khloé Kardashian's ombre locks but wound up in the emergency room fighting for her life instead.

Although the mother of two initially left the salon thrilled with her new 'do, which was darker at the roots and lighter at the tips, two days later her airways closed and almost suffocated her.

"I looked like the Elephant Man and the pain was agonizing...My kids were too scared to even look at me."


What began as an itchy scalp evolved into a life-threatening allergic reaction. The swelling in her head was putting pressure on her brain and her airways would have eventually closed and suffocated her. "My head was massive and the skin was weeping a clear liquid." 289CCDE900000578-3079638-image-a-48_1431512714483 Caddice was discharged after 3 days in the hospital, however, the swelling in her face took a week to go down. The reaction could have been avoided if the hairdresser first tested her scalp for an allergic reaction to the dye - a reminder that regular allergy testing is important.

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