This New Study Suggests Men Can Spot a Female Cheater Just From Their Faces

Cheating is a tricky thing. It's a total taboo in our society, as we're told and conditioned to believe monogamy is the key to a healthy, successful relationship, but nonetheless, people step out for all sorts of reasons. Whether they're unhappy or a victim of temptation, cheating comes in all shapes and sizes. And as much as work goes into cheating sometimes, just as much goes into trying to conceal it. But what if people could just take a glance at you and know if you've been naughty? A recent study shows that men can actually tell just how faithful a woman is based solely on her face. The study, led by Samantha Leivers from the University of Western Australia, was published in the journal Plos One, and found that men picked out the faithful woman nearly 59 percent of the time. To develop this discovery, researchers took a group of 87 heterosexual males between the ages of 18 and 35-years-old, and had them quickly glance at photos of 34 women with no prior knowledge as to who they were. Shown two women at a time and told that one of them had cheated and the other had always been faithful, the men knew what was up most of the time. “Previously, accuracy in faithfulness judgments has only been found for women judging men’s faces,” researchers wrote in the study. “It is striking that men were able to show any accuracy from images alone after only a brief presentation, considering that accuracy in faithfulness judgments made from behavioural information is relatively poor." Victoria Mackenzie, creator of Orlando-based Dating Detective, a training program dedicated to helping women spot cheaters online before they get their hearts broken, has additionally provided her take on cheaters in the online dating pool. No  Close-Ups cheating “No picture, a picture that isn’t of their face, or sometimes the picture is so far away you can’t see their face … There is no reason you wouldn’t put up a clear face picture unless you’re trying to hide from the world. Most times these [people] aren’t looking for a serious relationship or are attached in some way.” No vision of the future cheating “When they write about their ideal person, it says something like, ‘I want to start as friends and see where it goes,’” Mackenzie says. “Be cautious with these [people]. They may only be looking to hook up, they’ve recently come out of a relationship and aren’t ready for anything serious, or are still attached or married and this is their way of letting you know they truly only want to be friends because they can’t commit to anything more.” Location, location, location cheating “Sometimes when you sign up [on a dating site], you give your true location for credit card purposes. But a cheater will change it to try to correspond with women in the city [they are] traveling for business, or to some other far away city so [their] wife, family or friends could never find [them] online,” Mackenzie says. “Look for how many miles away [their] profile says [they are] from where you live. Many [people] engage others far enough away so they’ll never really meet them. They really want the emotional affair to gain the attention they aren’t getting at home.” What do you think of these findings? Source: Bustle Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_110622" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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