This One Type Of Food Can Actually Make You A Whole Lot Happier

Sometimes, life can be hard. There is no doubt about it. With all the stresses we face on a daily basis, it can be hard to keep your mood elevated. While exercise, meditation and positive affirmations can help, they aren't always enough. But don't lose heart, you can up your happiness factor by adding just this one food to your day. Edithsad What is this food you ask? Vanilla yogurt. That's right, vanilla yogurt! A new study published in the journal Food Research International, found that consuming vanilla yogurt makes people feel happy. The researchers gave three groups of 24 participants two types of yogurt that were identically marked. The only difference between the two was flavour and fat content. The participants were then asked to rate photos of other people based on six negative and six positive personality traits. The responses were then used to measure happiness levels.   Fruity yogurt had no impact on happiness, low-fat yogurt created positive emotional responses while vanilla yogurt made the participants very happy. More research needs to be done to determine exactly why vanilla yogurt caused such elation but this isn't the first time that yogurt had been linked to happiness. Yogurt is full of probiotics which promotes the growth of good gut bacteria and can have a positive impact on mood. Who doesn't feel better when their tummy is right? Perhaps vanilla isn't so boring after all.... Are the results of this study enough to make you add vanilla yogurt to your day? For an all over balanced diet that will make you AND your body happy, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan! Source: Elite Daily

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