This Photographer Capture's the Beauty of a Makeup-Free Face, and It's Inspiring

While makeup is a much-loved commodity amongst the masses, the negative connotation that often comes with it is that it takes away from one's natural beauty. It also begs the question: Why are we so insecure of the way our natural face appears that we must cover it up and enhance it? Photographer Steve Osemwenkhae seeks to remind people just how beautiful a makeup-free face is with his "No Makeup Series," which captures the natural beauty of more than 100 women. The idea came to him after witnessing a passenger on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority applying her makeup. "As she layered her face with lotion and foundation, I started to think about a makeup-less photo session and how to showcase natural beauty," he said. "At that moment is when I decided to take on the project with a few friends." This photographer created a series of natural beauty images. "I love and hate makeup, just like I love and hate anything that is both creative and destructive. Treating women’s faces like art is a beautiful idea, but attaching our worth to a mask of ourselves is absolutely destructive. Each woman has to find her balance.” – Amanda Beattie While he originally wanted to simply feature 5 to 10 of his friends for the project, Osemwenkhae found that the project became much bigger than that. And he hopes it continues to, as his plans for the future are to hit the road and capture even more people appearing makeup-free. This photographer created a series of natural beauty images. "A person's face is like a blank canvas. Makeup is the paint that dictates the mood of the piece. Everything a true artist creates is from the soul. Love, pain, joy transcends through every piece that is created as does makeup on a person's face." – Vanessa Ly "I wear makeup to the degree that it pleases me; I always think about who I am doing it for and what it does for me." – Halah Ahmad
"My mom never wore makeup, and she always told me I didn't need it and wouldn't let me wear it. So I never got in the habit of putting on makeup. I don't hate it or love it, I just really value my mom's opinion." -- Kayla McGarrell What do you think of this project? Source: Huffington Post  

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