This Plastic Surgeon Broadcasts His Procedures On Snapchat - And THOUSANDS Are Tuning In

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, is a Miami-based plastic surgeon. Salzhauer's Snapchat name, TheRealDrMiami, is where he broadcasts his surgeries daily to around 100,000+ people.

“This is the reality of plastic surgery in Miami today and I want people to see it,” he told BuzzFeed News.

After having his 90k Instagram account removed a few months ago, his 15-year-old daughter introduced him to Snapchat. The next day Salzhauer signed up for the social network and more than 2,000 people tuned in to see him do routine cosmetic surgeries like liposuction, tummy tucks, and butt lifts.

 Now, the plastic surgeon gets 50 times as many viewers tuning in for his gruesome surgery scenes and says his business has increased from booking 15–20 appointments a day to around 80–100.  He’s also hired two full-time employees to run his social media accounts, jobs that include filming a few minutes of each surgery and answering viewer questions. He is fully booked through July 2016.

Yes, the patients sign a consent form before being Snapchatted.

WARNING! VERY GRAPHIC PHOTOS - continue at own risk!

Of course, his Instagram is back and going strong - where he shows off his patients’ results to roughly 125,000 followers.

Salzhauer thinks seeing the before-and-after pictures on the networks helps people considering plastic surgery feel like they can trust him.

Though many of the chats feature graphic surgical moments, together they often feel like a reality show, featuring monologues from Salzhauer on his home life as he walks to work, chats with his employees and even their playlist at the office.

H/T: Buzzfeed

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