This Plus-Size Model and Cancer Survivor's Story Will Inspire You

Elly Mayday is one inspiring woman. A former flight attendant who now makes a living as a plus-size model, she has over 300,00 fans on Facebook alone. She's also a cancer survivor who shared her battle with ovarian cancer with the world. But her message isn't just that she survived. She's used her experience of illness as well as of body shaming to educate others on the importance of health and self-love. Mayday wants to give other young women the ability to be confident and strong, qualities she found to heal and lift her in bad times and in good. And this is how she's doing it. This plus-size model and cancer survivor's story is inspiring. For two years, she was told by doctors that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her. But she knew something wasn't right. Her persistence eventually led to a diagnosis, which she ultimately beat, all the while continuing to model throughout treatment. Now healthy and stronger than ever, Mayday recently moved to New York City to continue her modeling career. She sat down with MTV News to share her inspiring story. This plus-size model and cancer survivor's story is inspiring.“The kind of cancer I had was low-grade. It’s a really rare, slow-growing type of cancer. Usually ovarian cancer is high-grade, which means it spreads faster. They say that ovarian cancer symptoms are already hard to pick up on anyways and these were even more subtle. That’s why its called the silent killer. Not many people can detect this form.”12088595_484904825025524_4637140617896905613_n“There was no reason why I shouldn’t be feeling good. I was busy and that was my excuse for being tired. Then it just got to the point where I stopped living my life the way I had been. I had to call in sick when I never took off. There were a few times where the pain in my lower back and stomach was so bad I couldn’t stand up straight, so I went to the emergency room and was given pain medication. I’d think there’s something much bigger that I need to solve, and no one is going to listen to me until I do something. So I quit my job and said ’I’m not going back until I figure out what’s wrong.’ Two months after leaving my job as a flight attendant I went in for a laparoscopic biopsy and that’s what determined my ovarian cancer.”A plus-size model and cancer survivor's inspiring story.  “I don’t want to blame doctors because they’re human beings. It’s not their fault and I’m not the kind of person who blames people. I don’t want to frame it like doctors messed up, because doctors also saved my life.”12034463_481550622027611_2336807748232157979_o“As women, our opinions can be nullified because we have so many. Women are seen as naggy. We have this stereotype attached to our persistence on things and that translates. That’s what I mean when I say doctors are human — they pick up on these stereotypes too. I’m not saying all doctors do, I think it’s just part of our nature where we expect women to be over-sensitive, when really we’re not.”A plus-size model and cancer survivor's inspiring story.“It was hard to be public about this because the media really likes to highlight the negatives. My whole adult life I had been the bigger girl, and my weight has always gone up and down, but never like this. I lost 60 pounds when I was sick, and I felt like I couldn’t relate to girls as much and couldn’t preach the message I had been used to preaching. I remember telling a girl I liked her outfit, stick-thin at the time, and she was a bigger girl and took offense to it. I couldn’t relate to the audience I wanted to relate to, but it did get me to see both sides. There are girls who feel insecure about being too thin, and either way, every single person in this world has insecurities.”12189616_488039211378752_1846025720203415338_n“Before I was sick I was already modeling as a plus-size girl, which was kind of my way of rebelling against what people tell you is right. When I started modeling it was just about confidence. I’m thankful that I was so happy with myself before this or I wouldn’t have been confident enough to challenge those doctors and have a part in saving my life. That’s why I’m so adamant about confidence and about raising girls up to be strong, because it’s all connected."11696018_456147517901255_6274862876379030297_n“It was hard because you’d be so tired from the cancer drugs. But it was also my fuel. I was my story to tell, posting those photos and getting feedback. I don’t need someone else’s confirmation, but at that time it really helped me. I did photo shoots throughout treatment, with friends just for fun. People accuse me of making money off of these photo shoots, and it’s like no, these were my best friends that were helping me out because it gave me confidence. It gave me a reason to wake up other than going to doctors appointments.”A plus-size model and cancer survivor's inspiring story.“The poorest people of them all are people without a mission in life. My mission was to make cancer as beautiful as possible. To make it doable, to make it a part of my life for just a portion of it. And then end result was me living my life in New York city, living my dream. But it’s only because I was able to be as positive as I was throughout it.” What do you think of Elly's story? Source: MTV Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_115388" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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