This Poisonous Substance Destroys Bones, But Millions Drink It!

In the U.S., this beverage is the most popular drink among people. It's sold everywhere, and is advertised constantly. It's not just about the dangerously high sugar content it possesses. Studies have found that this drink can actually destroy bones. Billions of gallons of soda are chugged back every day by men, women and young children. These drinks are known to contribute to the obesity epidemic and trigger hormonal imbalances which only lead to further weight gain. However, soda has some really scary side effects beyond health-harming fat gain.  

#1 Liver Damage

It has been proven that adults who drink soda regularly have a heightened chance of developing cirrhosis of the liver. The risk factor is similar to that of chronic alcoholics.

#2 Tooth Decay

Soda dissolves enamel at an alarming speed. This increases the risk factor for tooth decay by staggering amounts, and having rotting teeth can lead to other health issues.

#3 Kidney Problems

Kidney stones have been linked to excessive soda consumption. Soda's high amounts of phosphoric acid harm the natural processes of expelling urine, which encourages the development of painful kidney stones by 15%.

#4 Diabetes

Any food or drink that leads to obesity is bound to increase the risk of diabetes as well. Among Americans, the number of diabetes cases have tripled from 6.6. million in the 1980s to 20.8 million today due to beverages like soda.

#5 Heartburn

The acid level in carbonated drinks is the root cause of that uncomfortable feeling in your chest. But this can become more serious and develop into acid reflux disease, which wears away at your esophagus over time.

#6 Osteoporosis

As mentioned above, soft drinks equal soft bones. This is not a good prognosis for those who are aging. Soda actually strips your bones of much needed calcium and makes them weak and prone to fracture.

#7 Hypertension

Whether you drink soda once a month or once a day, it doesn't matter. The sugar and chemicals within it can spike your blood pressure and lead to hypertension.

#8 Heart Disease

Drinking more than one soft drink each day is associated with metabolic syndrome. This dangerous condition is linked to high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, low levels of good cholesterol and ultimately, heart disease. Cardiovascular problems, including heart disease, are highly dangerous and often fatal.

#9 Intestinal Distress

Soda can wear away at your intestinal lining and even erode it over time. The acidity of soft drinks causes a vicious internal environment which leads to inflammation, which then leads to chronic illness. Not to mention the bloating and digestive upsets that sometimes occur when drinking soda.

#10 Cancer

These drinks have been linked to increased risk of three forms of cancer: throat cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Throat and colon cancer risk is elevated when soda wears away at a person's insides. The aspartame in many sodas increase the chances of breast cancer development, particularly in older women. The best way to give up soda is to replace it with good old fashioned clean drinking water. Overtime, the body will begin to regulate it's internal workings and flush out the toxins brought in by these beverages. What are your thoughts? Are you hooked on soda? Source: RealFarmacy  

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