This Portable Pizza Necklace Will Have Your Heart ... Literally

Pizza is a much-loved food item in the world. It's among the group of things we loved as a kid, continued to adore as a teenager, and hold dear to our hearts as an adult. We wear T-shirts declaring it, and each bite sends us into a euphoric food dance. Pizza has a hierarchy above the rest, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. That's why the company Stupidiotic created the Pizza Pouch, so that you can bring pizza with you wherever you go; tucked into a pizza-shaped pouch draped around your neck in a necklace-type fashion and, of course, resting near and dear to your heart. a necklace pizza pouch for pizza lovers a necklace pizza pouch for pizza lovers a necklace pizza pouch for pizza lovers But any pizza lover knows not all pizza is created equal, so we hope the pouches branch out and make way for Sicilian, New York and Chicago Deep Dish lovers. Are you a pizza lover? Source: Bored Panda

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