This Self-Confessed Bigorexic Eats 100 Eggs a Day and Is Addicted to the Gym

Ross Batten was sick of feeling small, skinny and getting picked on by his peers for it. So the 20-year-old from Plymouth started going to he gym, but soon found himself addicted to exercising, and now is a self-confessed "bigorexic."

This man is a self-confessed bigorexic.

The mechanical fitter eats 100 eggs a week, consumes 5,000 calories per day and lifts daily. "I was always small when I was growing up. You used to be able to see my collar bones and I didn't like that. At 16 I was 126lbs, now I'm 200lbs. I have "bigorexia" where sufferers are consumed by the idea they're not big enough, because I still feel small even though I know I'm bigger than most people."

When I stand next to people who I used to be smaller than, I still feel smaller, even though I'm not anymore. When I'm at work all I think about is what I'm going to eat next and if I have time to eat it. If I know I'm missing a meal, I get upset. Sometimes I force food down me until I feel sick. No one wants to eat seven eggs at once. I have actually been sick on multiple occasions from eating too much," Ross says.

[bctt tweet="Though he claims he is "bigorexic," he says he is happy with the results of his addiction. "]

Ross, who attends a bodybuilding gym, works out for 45 minutes four days a week, focusing on his chest, triceps, biceps, back, shoulders and his legs. He doesn't, however, incorporate cardio.


"I meant to find a hobby and got addicted, probably because of the results. At the beginning I was trying to impress other people, but now I'm doing it for me.I still see images of my body and think I want to improve it. I want to keep going, I'm still not satisfied. I had a fight at a party and lost when I was 16 and that gave me motivation to be bigger. I ended up with a broken nose. He was older and quite a lot bigger, and that was a year after I'd started going to the gym. If you look bigger, people don't want to fight you," Ross continues. He has been in two bodybuilding shows for Mr Plymouth Junior last year, in which he took third place.

Rather than eat three meals a day like he used to, he now consumes nine. He consumes one seven-egg omelette a day as well as eats porridge, protein, chicken curry, rice pudding, protein shakes, steak and potato, and protein bars. "I eat a lot to build up muscle, and then strip it down gradually from 5,000 to 2,000 calories a day to lower the fat when dieting for a show."


Though Ross says he wants to impress his family, and that his girlfriend is supportive, he finds that, "It takes priority over family too and holds me back from spending more time with them. My family eats together every Sunday but I prefer to eat on my own so I know I'm getting the right food in me. I cook separate meals for me and my girlfriend too."

This man is a self-confessed bigorexic. This man is a self-confessed bigorexic.

Ross says he wants to become Mr Britain in the next few years.

And though his habit proves to be pricey, as he spends  £120 on supplements, £150 on personal training, £30 gym membership, and £100 on food per month, he says he is happy with the outcome of his addiction. "When I first started training, I'd put pictures up on Facebook and people would say how tiny I looked. But they can't say that now." What are your thoughts on this young man's story? Do you think he has gone too far? Source: Daily Mail  

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