This Superfruit is Chock-Full of Health Benefits

If you pay attention to what's trending in the health world, you're well aware of the word 'superfood,' a name given to nutrient-rich foods that are known to possess topnotch health benefits. But have you heard of a superfruit? It's not a name typically popping up in health-related articles, since 'superfood' typically gets the point across. But there's a fruit out there linked specifically to this name, and all I've gotta say is, that fruit must be pretty badass.   In addition to being an incredibly sweet treat reminiscent of the summer months, cherries are also at the front of the health pack. With one cup coming in at only 77 calories, they pack a punch with a plethora of nutritional benefits and the ability to kick a variety of diseases to the street. Here's a few reasons to load up on cherries all summer long. 1. They help to reduce inflammation. The Journal of Nutrition published a study noting that ingesting cherries aids in reducing several biomarkers associated with chronic inflammatory diseases. 2. Get your vitamin C and fiber fill by noshing on some cherries. A one-cup serving will give you 25 percent of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C and over two grams of your daily recommended fiber intake! 3. They're brain food. Make tart cherries a regular staple in your diet and you'll be improving your brain function. Research has even found that eating cherries can reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and Huntington's disease. 4. Prevent soreness. Had a hard workout and worried you won't be able to walk tomorrow? Grab a bowl of this tasty fruit to ward of soreness. How so? They're filled with anthocyanins, which are anti-inflammatory  antioxidants that will soothe your aching muscles. 5. Stock up on sweet dreams. Toss those sleeping pills to the side and eat up those cherries! If you're looking to get a good night sleep, this fruit is the answer ... they're a natural melatonin! Are you a cherry lover? What health benefits have you noticed from ingesting this superfruit? Source: Shape  

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