This Weight Loss Expert Says We Cannot Rely on Willpower to Keep from Overeating

Dieting comes with a lot of questions, and a whole lot of opinions as to what works and what doesn't. Eat this, stay away from that. Don't eat too much, don't eat too little. It's a confusing world of what we should consume, how we should consume it, and of course, of how much! Do we eat our kale or do we juice our kale? There are plenty of people who will tell you one way is the right way.

Dr. Sally Norton, an NHS consultant specializing in weight loss and upper gastrointestinal surgery, says that what we should really be focusing on is not what to do, but what is hindering us in the first place: our "weight-loss weaknesses." She says that those dieters who believe its in their willpower to stop them from overeating are simply setting themselves up for failure.

"We are creatures of habit and there are certain situations or times when we can be strong and may not even think about food at all, and then others where we just dive into a packet of chocolate biscuits without a moment’s hesitation," she says.

Rather than trying to keep from overeating, we need to focus on all the reasons that are leading us to desire doing so in the first place. Once we take time to understand the emotional involvement, we will be better off in the long run. "So many people think they can just cut back on food and rely on willpower to lose weight. Unless you understand your 'who, where, why and when' weak spots, your willpower will fail you – guaranteed," Norton notes. While you are sorting through these inner struggles, it's best to eat a balanced diet full of foods that contain protein and fiber to fill you up! It's harder to overeat when you're already full! For some meal ideas, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan!  Do you think this weight loss expert has a valid point? Source: Daily Mail  

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