This Weight Loss Story Proves 50 is the New 30!

Joanne Hickox started out like so many of us. She was a yo-yo dieter who hated exercise. And, like many of us, she was okay with this. She was resigned to being "fluffy." Take or leave it, right? But, all that changed when her daughter announced her wedding date. The thought of wearing a mother-of-the-bride dress was enough to put an end to her excuses. Weighing 170 pounds, the 59 year old, Joanne, signed up for a bootcamp. Almost immediately, she wanted to quit -- a class populated by 20 sometimes was more than she could take. But she ignored this instinct and stuck with it. “I’m so glad that I stayed and know now that I can do whatever the younger girls do,” she says. The bootcamp created a perfect environment for Joanne's success, with intense activity and a build in support system. “It’s so much easier to push past that last set when you know 30 women are doing the same thing,” Joanne explains.

Standing tall

Being a part of this sort of community helped Joanne to see that what she truly needed to be healthy was not another diet but a lifestyle change. She took this opportunity to educate herself on clean eating practices. Unfortunately, as we know, sometimes a lifestyle change can bring out the naysayers and diet saboteurs, but Joanne was able to tune them out! “You’ve got to learn to stand up for yourself and do what you know is the best for your health.” And stand up she did. Now 40 pounds lighter and 8 dress sizes smaller, she's completed a 7-mile obstacle course that included mud, water and a 9 foot wall! “I feel better now than I did in my 30s. I can do anything," Joanne says. Joanne-Hickox [bctt tweet="This Weight Loss Story Proves 50 is the New 30!"] Indeed, she can do anything. And so can you.

Joanne's rules:

To keep herself on track, Joanne followed 3 simple rules:
  1. Rise and exercise. “It’s become a part of my routine every am at 5:30.”
  2. Adjust your attitude. “If I have the “can do” attitude, I can finish what I started."
  3. Be patient. “You didn’t put on all that weight overnight and you will NOT loose it over night.”
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