This Woman At Only Fast Food For A Week: The Result Will Shock You!

24-year-old Phoebe Jackson-Edwards put her body through a total transformation when she decided to go on a strictly fast food diet. Following in the footsteps of the film Super Size Me, Phoebe could only stomach one week of this brutal meal plan.   Prior to taking the challenge, Phoebe had her body fat measurements taken and had her skin analyzed at a local clinic in London. She had a healthy body fat percentage (23%) and a clear, problem-free complexion. She ate a standard diet that was relatively nutritious, with the occasional takeout dinner thrown in. Her first two meals of the day were greasy breakfast sandwiches, KFC and a Big Mac from McDonald's. [bctt tweet="This Woman At Only Fast Food For A Week: The Result Will Shock You!"]   "Colleagues told me I was 'lucky' to be able to gorge on foods that were usually forbidden and not feel guilty - after all it was in the name of research." Phoebe shares. But her luck changed by day two, as she began to feel slightly disgusted. She noticed quickly that her energy levels were plummeting, and her skin was becoming oily.   "My mood was up and down and I was constantly exhausted no matter how long I slept. It was a real effort to stay switched on at work and I found myself getting irritable and impatient." she explains.   After her week long binge, Phoebe returned to the clinic and discovered her body fat percentage had gone up to 25%, she had excessively oily skin and hair and her thighs had doubled in size. "With the experiment over, I have been told it will take at least two months before my body and complexion return to normal." says Phoebe. "My wardrobe isn't thanking me for this experiment either, with my stomach bloated and my jeans noticeably tighter." What are your thoughts on fast food? Would you ever take Phoebe's challenge? Source: Daily Mail  

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