This Woman Began Eating MORE And Lost 133 Pounds!

Alyssa Heidmann used to weigh 328 pounds. She had been heavy throughout high school and after graduation things only got worse. "I loved eating fast food and drinking soda, was always mindlessly snacking, and had no exercise habits at all." Alyssa explains. Within 10 years, Alyssa had gained over 100 pounds. She knew she needed to change, but she felt bogged down by counting calories. Every time she tried to shed pounds, she became frustrated and gave up. After a health scare at the age of 30, Alyssa had reached her breaking point. She was hospitalized with what she thought was a massive heart attack, but was told it was an incident caused by her sky-high blood pressure. She tried crash diets but didn't find them a sustainable way of eating. Finally she came across a diet which eliminated junk food and refined carbs, but allowed her to eat a lot of nutritious, high fibre food during the day. "[I] have a protein shake for breakfast, a fiber drink for a snack, soup for lunch, another small snack, and something like ground turkey and veggies followed by a protein shake for dinner. After five months, I'd lost 100 pounds!" Alyssa states. All her fruit and veggie fuelled portions during the day keep her energized and prevent her blood sugar from dropping to terrifying lows. She now has taken up running to stay fit and active. Dropping 133 pounds in total, Alyssa feels amazing! What diet plan has worked for you? Share your stories with us! Source: Women's Health  

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